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Top 10 Reasons Why We Love Disney Cruise Line

1. Pirate night Dressing up as a pirate is always fun, being in the Caribbean is fun, but being a pirate IN the Caribbean is a once in a lifetime fun!!  One of our favourite nights on our Disney Cruise was Pirate Night….leave it to Disney to put on a spectacular night, they nailed it!… Continue reading Top 10 Reasons Why We Love Disney Cruise Line

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Top Ideas For Souvenirs

By nature we are a family of collectors. When we travel, we have a little routine of what we head for when we enter the souvenir shops. Among many things we buy on our travels below are our top 5 must buys when travelling. 1. Christmas Tree Ornament I guess this one may sound strange… Continue reading Top Ideas For Souvenirs

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20 BIG Things Australia

I feel so blessed to be Australian and although I have wanderlust there is still so much yet to explore in my own ‘backyard’.  Literally in the last 5 minutes the kids have seen a snake and a koala on our very own front lawn!  When we are not venturing off overseas our favourite thing to… Continue reading 20 BIG Things Australia

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Aulani Disney Resort- Top 20 things you must do

1.  Starlit Hui No trip to Hawaii is complete without a Luau, and Disney Aulani have their very own.  It’s an Hawaiian show to remember under the stars featuring Hawaiin dancers, traditional story tellers, hula performances, arts and crafts and of course, our favourite Disney Charters join in on the fun.  Even better, it’s free! 2. Learn to surf with… Continue reading Aulani Disney Resort- Top 20 things you must do

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Flying with Kids- Aeroplane survival guide!

Tip #1 Bring antibacterial wipes.  The moment you get on board wipe down EVERYTHING! The last thing you want is sick kids on your holiday and aeroplanes are notorious for being very germy places.  Trust me MY kids have spewed on your dinner tray…more than once! This brings me to tip #2…. Tip #2 Bring… Continue reading Flying with Kids- Aeroplane survival guide!

Flying with kids · Travel tricks & tips

Keeping kids entertained…on a plane

My sons first flight was at 12 weeks old and my daughters was at 6 months.  We did our first long haul flight when they were 2.5 and 5 years and many more flights from there.  Up until this point it was smooth sailing…. we considered ourselves a jet setting family. Until one dreaded flight returning from Hawaii Miss 8… Continue reading Keeping kids entertained…on a plane

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How to make a Disney Count down Calendar

In my family, counting down the days till our next holiday is almost as fun as the holiday itself! Apps are great for this, however because we were revealing our holiday to Disney’s Aulani Resort in Hawaii to the kids on Christmas day (as our Christmas gift), I needed something a little more exciting and visual! As… Continue reading How to make a Disney Count down Calendar