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Flying with Kids- Aeroplane survival guide!

Flying with kids.

Tip #1 Bring antibacterial wipes.  The moment you get on board wipe down EVERYTHING! The last thing you want is sick kids on your holiday and aeroplanes are notorious for being very germy places.  Trust me MY kids have spewed on your dinner tray…more than once! This brings me to tip #2….

Tip #2 Bring a change of clothes.  Not just for the kids but for you too.  No matter how short the flight, it is better to be safe than sorry, or it’s better to arrive not smelling like spew or your dinner.

Tip #3  Pack some extra plastic bags or zip lock bags.  They are a life saver for pooey things, spewing things, dirty things, half eaten things….

Tip #4  Wear dark clothing.  Hides the stains, crumbs, drool.  It helps to look and feel half human once you arrive at your destination.

Tip #5  Bring something for the kids (and yourself) to suck or chew on the way up and more importantly on the way down.  Chewing or sucking helps alleviate the pressure in you ears which can be very painful for little ones.  For our last flight I bought ear plugs from the chemist for my daughter who really suffers with ear pain during flights.  A little pricey (not much change from $20) but worth every cent.

Tip #6 Organise activities to keep kids entertained during the flight.   You can read about my ‘busy bags’ activity ideas here.   A little work to organise and prepare but well worth it during the flight so you can relax and read a book or watch a movie.

Tip #7 Have kids carry and take care of their own belongings. Train them to do this from an early age. My kids each have a back pack which is kept on the floor in front of them.  If they want something they can get it….Saves interrupting you from the book you were reading or that movie.

Tip #8  BYO headphones.  Kids aren’t good with the earplug versions.  A good comfy pair of head phones will keep them entertained in front of that movie for longer.  My kids love their Smiggles head phones to match their Smiggles back pack.

Tip #9  Take the kids for little walks up and down the aisle. Do some little stretches too.   Movement breaks are very important for little bodies that are not designed to sit for long periods.

Tip #10 Don’t board early.  Wait for the final calls and try to be the last to board.  Why spend more time on the plane than needed?

Tip #11  BYO snacks.  My son loves aeroplane food but my daughter literally gags at the smell of it.  Particularly the cheese when flying to the U.S.A.  I have no idea why.  Hungry kids are not happy kids so be prepared with some extra food.  No chocolate…too messy so is anything with artificial colours like smarties or cheesals. I know I must sound anal with the messy clothes but when I holiday I don’t like to wash so I tend to try make clothes last. Yep lemonade over Fanta for this reason too.

Tip #12 Dress them in easy shoes.  Ones they can slip on and off by themselves, velcro is easier than shoe laces.  You’re on holidays work smarter not harder.

Tip #13  Pack baby wipes. Just do it. I pack them mainly for myself.  It’s nice to freshen up after a meal and kids no matter what age are just so sticky!!

Tip #14  Dress them in layers.  The temperature inside the aircraft is quite chilly, then you might have stop overs to consider. Dressing is layers is much easier to adjust to whatever the temp may be.

Tip #15  Visit your GP a week before your flight for a good check up while there’s still time to medicate. especially the ears which can be very painful with the cabin pressure if there’s congestion. I go into germ stress frenzy in the weeks leading up to a holiday.  I have been known to even put a little antibacterial gel in their lunch boxes at school with instructions to use before eating….hey in my defence holidays cost an arm and a leg so I certainly don’t want to take sick kids sight-seeing for 3 weeks overseas.

Tip #16  Get a good nights sleep the night before.  I made the mistake of deliberately pulling an all nighter the night before our last long haul flight.  My theory was that if I didn’t sleep the night before I’d be super tired and sleep during the flight hence fill in the time.  Instead I couldn’t sleep and I was far too tired to enjoy my book, colouring etc.

Tip #17  Keep the kids on their best behavour and be considerate and mindful other passengers.

Tip #19 Pack an eye mask for your little one.  It will help with nap times.

Tip #20 Triangular pencils don’t roll! Nothing more frustrating I tell you than having to bend down to pick a pencil.  Twistable crayons don’t require sharpening and yep you guessed it wonder markers don’t stain clothes.

Tip #21  Load up all the devices with movies, games, books, music anything to keep kids (and you entertained).  Depending on the airline you might find they don’t have the best entertainment selection if not any on some of the smaller aircrafts.

Tip #22  Pillow pets double as a pillow and a teddy.  It will save space and leaves less to carry.

What’s your best tip for flying with kids? (Beside leave them a sitter lol!)

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3 thoughts on “Flying with Kids- Aeroplane survival guide!

  1. Great ideas. I agree – preparation is key! We always load up their iPads with new stuff, buy a new magazine at the airport etc & agree on bringing your own headphones!! I always go on walks around the plane with them too, just to break up long hauls. Will def check out your busy bags & fab tip about the triangular pencils – genius!


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