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Keeping kids entertained…on a plane

Aeroplane games for kids

My sons first flight was at 12 weeks old and my daughters was at 6 months.  We did our first long haul flight when they were 2.5 and 5 years and many more flights from there.  Up until this point it was smooth sailing…. we considered ourselves a jet setting family. Until one dreaded flight returning from Hawaii Miss 8 at the time had a horrific time. A combination of the flu and travel sickness left her with her head in a spew bag and vowing she would NEVER fly again.  Not even a suggested trip to Disney World could convince this kid to step back on a plane.  It was time to think big….


Although she was anxious about a 24 hour trip to Orlando Florida, the thought of getting to unwrap a ‘busy bag’ every hour or so was enough to get her on board and counting down the days til Disney World. We slipped the 12 Disney wrapped busy bags into her back pack and she couldn’t wait to get on the plane to open one.  Careful thought went into each bag. It had to be light enough for her to carry, small enough to fit in her back pack and entertaining enough to keep her interested and occupy as much time as possible. The bags also needed to be resealable so she could choose to play with it again.  So here they are…my top 9 activities that kept my kids VERY entertained 🙂

1. Spew bag monsters

Let’s make spew bags fun this time and turn them into monsters! Google eyes, confetti, pipe cleansers, sequins.  They were looking fantastic.  I opted to use blu tack instead of glue just to avoid mess.


2.  Finger Twister

This game kept both my kids entertained for ages.  This little light weight travel version fits nice and easy on their food tray.  I found this one on  eBay.


3.  Bunchems

After removing the packaging they are light and took up next to no space in her back pack.  Bunchems are great for construction and design.


4.  Plasticine   

A little less messier than play dough but just as fun.  The resealable case made it last even for the journey home!


5.  Scratch and Colour

While we had colouring pencils these were fun to mix things up.  I was lucky to find in a Disney princess theme.


6.  Sewing

Little bit of hessian and some wool can bring hours of fun.  I packed a little chalk so she could draw her design first, then sew over the top.  I made sure it was a blunt plastic needle jus so I didn’t have any issues with customs.


7.  Loom bands

Loom bands were the latest trend at the time.


8.  Uno

Who doesn’t love Uno?  Especially when it’s Disney.


9.  Starburst wrapper necklace

Fun to make and yum too.  Making a necklace using the wrappers from a starburst is very time-consuming.  Jump onto YouTube, there a plenty of how to videos to show you how.


   Bon Voyage!



What do you do to keep your kids entertained on planes?  Comment below, we would love to hear from you!

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