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Aulani Disney Resort- Top 20 things you must do

Aulani top 20 things

1.  Starlit Hui

No trip to Hawaii is complete without a Luau, and Disney Aulani have their very own.  It’s a Hawaiian show to remember under the stars featuring Hawaiian dancers, traditional story tellers, hula performances, arts and crafts and of course, our favourite Disney Charters join in on the fun.  Even better, it’s free!


2. Learn to surf with Goofy

You may pay a little more to stay at Disney but you get your money’s worth with all of the extra free fun Aulani has to offer.  The kids loved learning how to surf with Goofy and his friends.


3. Pool Parties with Mickey and the gang

Don’t get me wrong, you won’t be relaxing by the pool and have Disney characters in your face, Aulani has nailed it with just the right amount of elegant 5 star Hawaii with just a touch of Disney. A couple of times a day the Characters come out by the pool for Disney pool party.  The kids get to sing and dance and play with their favourite Characters… and if you’re lucky you may get a picture with a character too.


4.  Private snorkelling Lagoon

Explore up close thousands of amazing, colourful tropical fish at Rainbow Reef.  The only private reef in O’ahu!  I’ve been lucky enough to snorkel in some amazing places but this was incredible.  For little ones not quite brave enough to get in on the action, there are underwater preview windows.


5.  Float down the lazy river

Hop on a tube and float your troubles away down Waikolohe Stream .  Waikolohe in Hawaiian  means “mischievous water” and with 2 rushing rapid experiences, it lives up to its name. Warning: Do not enter if you have lots planned for the day.  Once you’re in, it’s impossible to want to leave.


6. Swim in the pools

At Aulani the swimming pools are heated, so what ever the weather, a swim needs to be on your list.  Whether it be at Ka Maka Grotto’s infinity pool overlooking Ko Olina Beach, or in one of many whirl pools or gushing down a water slide, there’s plenty of sun-soaked fun to be had by all.


7.  Character breakfast

When the Disney characters are out and about you normally have to line up for your moment and photo opportunity.  At the Makahiki character breakfast you have all the characters to yourself!  The kids get to sing, dance and play with the characters all morning and the buffet breakfast is drool worthy.


8. Drink out of a pineapple

It only seems fitting considering the pineapple is the treasured fruit of the island.  Mocktail versions were available for the kids, and what can I say…. I like Pina Coladas!


9.  Hang out at a private beach

Perfectly positioned on the pristine shores of Ko Olina, is your very own private beach complete with  white-sand and breathtakingly blue waters. Paddle board, kayak or enjoy a full menu and beachside service bought right to your deck chair.  Kids can enjoy complimentary beach toys and parents can….well, enjoy Pina Coladas!


10. Aunty’s Beach Club

While parents relax and unwind, kids get to explore Hawaiian culture, art and music—with a dash of Disney magic at this supervised activities club for Guests ages 3 to 12. Most activities are complimentary although selected experiences are available at a fee.


11.  Movies on the lawn

Relax under the stars and enjoy the breeze and watch a family Disney movie. Those who arrive a little early not only get a good spot but can enjoy pre-movie games and trivia fun too!

 12.  Mo‘olelo Fire Pit Storytelling

Gather around the fire pit and listen to Uncle tell stories of the island by the fire.  We really enjoyed this and it was a great way to educate the kids about Hawaiian culture.

13. Collect wrist bands

As an Aulani guest a coloured wrist band is required by the pools.  This keeps the amazing pools and facilities exclusive to Aulani guest only.  Every day is a new colour, and the kids just loved collecting the rainbow of bands on their wrist.


14.  Order shaved ice

The Pāpālua Shaved Ice shack is located by the pool.  One of these babies is more than a drink, it’s an experience!


15.  Character meet and greets

Plan your day around the character greet times or just bump into one.  Either way the kids love meeting all the characters.  We have autograph books so the kids love collecting signatures.


16.  Buy a refillable mug

A great souvenir to keep.  My kids still drink out of theirs now back at home.  You’ll save a few pennies this way.  Little Miss is a slow drinker so the convenient lid means we can transport her drink and save it for later rather than leaving half a glass full behind.

17.  Go paddle boarding

For a small hire fee, have a go at paddle boarding.  Believe it or not it’s quite relaxing and you might even burn a calorie or two from that buffet breakfast. The lagoon is quite enclosed so you feel a little at ease that the kids can’t drift out too far.


18.  Eat Mickey Shaped Food

For some reason I get very excited about Mickey shaped food.  I think I could devote an entire blog post alone to all the Mickey shaped food I’ve photographed on our Disney adventures.  Mickey pretzels, Mickey cupcakes even a splash of Mickey shaped coco ears on my coffee excites me.


19. Wear your arrival necklaces with pride

Aulani is Luxury.  From the moment you approach the grand entrance you are greeted by friendly staff, a cold drink and presented with leis and necklaces.  Mine smelt amazing and although we looked like goofy tourist we wore them! The kids received a Mischievous Menehne  necklace.  There are hundreds of these legendary “little people” hidden all around the resort.  We had loads of fun trying to find as many as we could during our travels.


 20. Collect Souvenirs

My husband and kids are well-trained and know me well.  Not matter where we are in the world, no matter what month of the year it is, they know we will search and we won’t stop searching unit I find a Christmas tree decoration to go on our tree.  Putting up our Christmas tree is an event in my home and one of things we love to do is remember all our little travels and adventures we have had that year and years gone by.  My son also loves to collect trading pins from around the world, which he pins to Aulani lanyard.  Little Miss has a new and slightly expensive new hobby and loves to collect Pandora charms from her travels.  Aulani has it’s very own exclusive Pandora charm available, its gorgeous.


Have you been to Aulani Disney Resort? What did you love most about your stay?  Comment below, we would love to hear from you!

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