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20 BIG Things Australia

big things australia

I feel so blessed to be Australian and although I have wanderlust there is still so much yet to explore in my own ‘backyard’.  Literally in the last 5 minutes the kids have seen a snake and a koala on our very own front lawn!  When we are not venturing off overseas our favourite thing to do is the good old family road trip.  As you get to know me you will learn I love traditions…we have traditions for everything. Not only is it traditional on our road trips to crank the song ‘Holiday roooooaaaaaad’ from the Griswold’s National Lampoons Vacation EVERY SINGLE TIME we get back into the car but chasing BIG things is our favourite road trip tradition.   Some times we take the longest route possible just find one, sometimes the trip itself is purely to see the ‘big’ thing, and sometimes just sometimes we stumble across one by accident….I can’t begin the tell you the excitement when this happens!

I hope one day when I’m grey and old, my kids carry on this tradition with their families and totally appreciate the importance of those risky u-turns, parking in the strangest of places, standing in puddles or weeds on side of the road, just to get that ‘shot’ with something ‘big’….. We have found many ‘big’ thinks on our adventures but here are just 20 of our favourites. (Hover over the pic for the location)

The Big Avocado -Duranbah

What ‘big things’ have you stumbled across on your travels?  Comment below, we would love to hear from you!

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