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Top Ideas For Souvenirs


By nature we are a family of collectors. When we travel, we have a little routine of what we head for when we enter the souvenir shops. Among many things we buy on our travels below are our top 5 must buy items when travelling.

1. Christmas Tree Ornament

I guess this one may sound strange to many, I’m not even sure how it started….but it doesn’t matter where we are in the world or what month of the year it is, I NEED an ornament. If you look hard enough, you’ll almost always find one! Yep even in the middle of  Uluru in a tiny little store I found one! Travelling is such a huge part of who we are and we love that all our adventures for the year, or the years gone by are hanging on our tree.


2. Trading Pins

The kids love collecting trading pins.  They would never actually trade them, no way, but they love collecting them and hanging them on lanyards.


3. Pencils

I started collecting pencils for my kids the moment they were born.  Here a are just a few below.  They don’t actually use them they just collect them.  They sit in their rooms in a prime position on their shelf.  Every now and then they get them out and reminisce over all the adventures they have had.  Not always are pencils available, sometimes we have to settle with a pen, but that’s ok :-).  Believe it or not but this can sometimes be a little pricey. Several times I have spent $25 plus for a pen at places such as Disney on ice…once you start though you can’t stop I guess.


4. Home Décor

We love collecting items for our home.  I love that most of the little trinkets you see around our home spark a little memory from somewhere we have been.  I once carried a glass fish-shaped fruit bowl on my lap from Beverly Hills to Brisbane.  I just loved it and couldn’t live without it. Seven years later it is still on our kitchen bench housing our fruit.


5. Pandora Charms

The latest for little Miss is collecting Pandora charms for her bangle.  Each little charm is a memory for her…thankfully she doesn’t wear gold lol.


Do you have a traditional Souvenir you collect from your travels?  Comment below, we would love to hear from you!

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