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Top 10 Reasons Why We Love Disney Cruise Line

10 reasons we love Disney crusie line

1. Pirate night

Dressing up as a pirate is always fun, being in the Caribbean is fun, but being a pirate IN the Caribbean is a once in a lifetime fun!!  One of our favourite nights on our Disney Cruise was Pirate Night….leave it to Disney to put on a spectacular night, they nailed it!  If you’re not prepared with your pirate attire, waiting for you on your bed after a fun-filled day will be a Disney themed pirate bandana, because EVERYONE gets in on the action.  The staff, our waiters and even Mickey and the gang were dressed for the occasion.  After dinner hangs with Jack Sparrow was a hoot followed by a live pirate show on the top deck.  The evening ended literally with a bang! Disney are the only cruise line to put on a fireworks show at sea!


2.  Walt Disney Theatre

Every night after being wined and dined and fed like royalty we would roll in to the Walt Disney Theatre and were thoroughly entertained with Broadway quality musicals and live entertainment. Every show was spine tingling, goose bumpily, pure Disney magic.


3. Aqua Duck

Once my kids saw a pic of the water slides on the Disney Fantasy they were sold.  Before the sail away party had begun (actually before the ship even moved) these guys were floating around and around on the Aqua duck.  Speaking from experience it was great and almost felt like floating on clouds with the most spectacular view of the ocean and Cuba coastline.  At night it’s lit up like a disco which makes it even more fun!


4.  Sail Away Party

We were truly blessed with the most beautiful weather on our Disney Cruise.    Coming all the way from Australia the thought of going on a Disney Cruise was a bucket list dream come true, so sailing away with a cocktail in hand, blue skies and a party with Mickey and the gang was somewhat emotional for me. Highly recommend attending the sail away party.  Great way to kick off a once in a lifetime holiday.


5.  Magical Porthole

I’m not going to lie, a Disney Cruise is VERY expensive…but you get what you pay for and we opted to pay for it!! So if you’re cheap like me and can’t afford a real porthole or a balcony rest assured I think you might actually be winning.  The cheapest rooms on the ship have ‘real-time’ magic porthole.  You may not get a real view of the ocean or whatever is outside your room but your magic porthole has real time views….with some extra Disney magic.  I’ve paid extra before for real portholes but on the Fantasy don’t waste your money.  We loved the little surprise Disney animations that popped up on our porthole, it provided us with much entertainment and if you ask me this view of the moonlit ocean was better than the real thing.


6. Quiet Cove

Yes adults only! So quiet, so relaxing and so luxurious.  Don’t worry about a towel, staff are waiting to hand them to you.  Canapés anyone? How about an icy cold face towel? To be perfectly honest I would highly recommend Disney Cruise line to honeymooners or travellers without children purely for the service and the luxury.  While it’s Disney themed it felt more like a floating Cinderella castle than a ship and there seemed to be just as many adults attending the ball as families with kids.


7  Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique

I’m not sure who enjoyed this more, my daughter being pampered or me watching my daughter being pampered like a princess.  What a beautiful mother daughter experience.  Little miss felt like a princess in training as she got her hair, make up and nails done.  She came away with a beautiful tiara, a princess sash, a make up case and nail polish inside a beautiful souvenir bag.  Bookings are limited so I recommend booking months before you set sail.


8. Animators Palate

At animators Palate your dinner place mat literally comes alive! During the course of your meal you get to be an animator and design your own cartoon character! During the night your character comes to life on the screens throughout the restaurant. So much fun!


9.  The Dining

Food oh glorious food.  While Disney is a slightly more expensive cruise option you sure could  eat your money’s worth! There are so many dining options, and so you don’t have to put too much effort into deciding Disney has done the work for you with a rotating dining system.  So basically you are offered a time slot, a table number and your waiters.  This way we always knew where we were dining (the restaurants rotated), we never had to wait for our table (it was always ready and waiting for us), and our waiters stayed the same no matter which restaurant we were in. This was the best part as we developed a friendship with the friendly staff, they knew us by name and always had our favourite drinks ready and waiting for us.  The kids literally cried on our last night when we had to say goodbye and I’m sure I saw a tear in my husband’s eye as they always snuck lobster on his plate no matter what was on the menu!

Don’t feel like dining out, no problems! Room service is free!  There’s always food at the buffet and poolside (yes free), soft drink (free), ice cream (free). Insider tip: although it’s not offered on the menu, room service will always bring you Mickey ice creams when ever your heart (or belly) desires……and yes, free!


10.  Fish extender groups

This was so much fun! Before you board a Disney cruise, jump on Facebook and join a fish extender group.  Approx 20 families per group sign up and agree to exchange gifts throughout the cruise.  See the fish-hook by the door? Hence why it is called a ‘fish’ extender.  Families hung their bags on the hook ready to receive a gift. Mine was quite basic and very much handmade however the Serial Disney cruisers have the most amazing fish extenders.  Simply add your names and room numbers to your group and then deliver and receive small little gifts.  Every time we came back to the room there was something exciting waiting for us.  Jump online if you’re short for ideas, Pinterest has a million ideas! So fun.


Although I’ve listed 10 of our favourite things about Disney Cruise Line there really were a million things I loved.  It really was a once in a lifetime dream vacation that did not disappoint, instead exceeding my wildest expectations.  It was totally worth flying to the other side of the world to board and whether you have kids or not, you can’t compare the service, or luxury Disney has to offer.  For 7 nights we felt and were treated like royalty.

189-3961862-Fur Mickey F 4 MS-12151_GPR.jpg

I really could go on about why I LOVE Disneycruise line, but i’ll stop there for now.  What have I missed?  What did you love about your cruise?  I have only been on the Disney Fantasy, how do the other ships compare?  Comment below, we would love to hear from you!

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