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White Water World- Gold Coast Australia

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If your family thinks the ultimate fun is anything that involves adrenalin, racing, water and wedgies, or just chillaxing on a deck chair then White Water World will tick all your boxes.   If you are looking for some family fun on the Gold Coast, this watery wonderland is attached to Dreamworld, however for the ultimate holiday experience I would recommend a full day at each park.  There’s way too much fun to see both parks in one day!  Fill your day with a myriad of watery thrills, soak up the sun and unwind on a deck chair or float away in the cave of waves, White Water World offers something extraordinary for the whole family.  Below are some of our favourite White Water World experiences.

The cave of waves

This body of water boasts 2 685 square metres of fun and relaxation. When Surf God Huey groans everyone makes a run for the wave pool for the surfable swell reaching heights of 1.5 metres.


The Bro

Get stung by the worlds first and only 8 lane octopus racer. With speeds reaching 50km per hour I was slightly out of my comfort zone racing the kids head first down the 150m tentacle….Although it didn’t stop me going back for more.

IMG_0431 (2)

Pipeline Plunge

The ultimate playground for the young and old.  My kids get lost for hours in the enormous ‘tree fort’ structure.  Although when the bells start to ring I know I can always find them again, waiting on the ground for the plunge bucket to reach its peak and spill over them.

IMG_0413 (2)

Wiggles Bay

Monkey has now grown out of Wiggles bay…although she would happily like to sneak in, it’s strictly for the tiny tots.  I do have the fondest memories hanging out with her here back when The Wiggles were hotter than One Direction.

IMG_0408 (2)

Triple Vortex

The Triple Vortex is the hottest high-capacity tubing ride on the planet!  Experience high accelerations and decelerations as the raft manoeuvres through 3 funnels.

IMG_0433 (2)

Cabana Hire

For the ultimate day at White Water World hire a Cabana! There now are 20 cabanas available to hire throughout the park ranging from $119 to $239.  Small price to pay for a mini fridge, iPod dock, TV and comfy furniture.

IMG_0421 (2)

Oh yeah!


There’s also The Wedgie, only for the brave (or perhaps the insane) and although I can’t speak through experience (yes I was chicken) the kids did say it lived up to its name! Ouch! So there you have it! Our day at White Water World exceeded all of our expectations.  We came home pleasantly exhausted and Monkey and Booger rated it a two thumbs up!

IMG_0445 (2)

So are you a laze around on a deck chair kinda person or do you love the fast wedgie giving slides?  Comment below, we would love to hear from you!

Safe travels x

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