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20 Reasons your kids will love Daydream Island

Daydream Island

1. The transfer over to the island!

It’s an island so to get there why not sip on wine and enjoy the wind in your hair as you cruise the Whitsunday islands? The water is the most amazing shade of blue, probably the nicest waters I’ve seen in the world.

Image-1 - Copy (19)

2. Welcome necklace and mocktail.

You’ll feel like a VIP guest when you’re welcomed with a shell necklace and fruity drink.  The staff were so warming and friendly.  Instantly we felt relaxed and ready to holiday.

FullSizeRender - Copy (2)

3.  Helicopter rides!

Seriously there is no better way to see the Whitsundays and the Great Barrier Reef than from the air.   Truly a breathtaking experience.  The helpful staff at  Daydream helped us to organise this and the helicopter practically picked us up from our front door.

Image-1 - Copy (14)

4. Sail on a Catamaran!

Daydream island offer complimentary catamaran hire.   The staff helped us all on board and briefed us on how to move and steer.  It was reassuring to know they had their eye on us and would zip out in their boat if we began to struggle.

Image-1 - Copy (6)

5. Snorkel! 

Can you believe that water! Just beautiful.  We went to Daydream during stinger season so it was import to cover up, however that didn’t stop us from having a ball and attempting to find Nemo.  Tip: Daydream sell fish food so be sure to pick up some when you collect your snorkel gear.  The fish will literally come to you.

Image-1 - Copy (5)

6.  Hire a jet ski! 

My son will often boast that he got to ride a brand new jet ski, never to be hired before.  Quite easily the highlight of his trip.

Image-1 - Copy (13)

7.  Stingray Splash Experience

This was an incredible experience. We literally had everything the Great Barrier reef has to offer around our ankles.  The marine biologist taught the kids (and me) so much about marine life.  The stingray are so friendly and love to nibble at your feet and climb up your leg.  Their barbs have been removed so it’s completely safe. I didn’t think Monkey would do it, but there she is with a glove on her hand letting the stingray take her bait.

Image-1 - Copy (7)

8.  Watch a movie under the stars

Paradise by day but a movie theatre by night.  After a sun soaked day, relaxing outside under the stars felt like heaven.  Deck chairs are provided, popcorn was available and the breeze was to die for.

Image-1 - Copy (18)

9.  Hire a Kayak

Again complimentary hire and lots of fun. We saw a massive turtle pop its head up out of the water right beside us.

Image-1 - Copy (8)

10.  Hang out in the pools 

Possibly our favourite activity.  Plenty of pools to choose from and we never had a problem finding a deck chair to lounge on.

Image-1 - Copy (9)

11.  Fish Feeding

For those not quite game to swim with the fish, the fish feeding experiences bought all the fish to you!

Image-1 - Copy (4)

12.  Grab a slushy from the swim up bar

Swim up bars are always a deal breaker for us!  While the Pina Coladas were going down nice, the kids thought it was pretty cool to order slushies and ice blocks without even getting out of the water.

Image-1 - Copy (20)

13.  Spot a kangaroo or dozen

They literally are everywhere.  A lovely little reminder that while you are in paradise you’re actually still in Aus.

Image-1 - Copy (16)

14.  Have a picnic on the beach

I’ll admit dining at the restaurants every night becomes pricey. One night we picked up a cheap pizza and had our dinner with the mermaids, so fun!

Image-1 - Copy

15.  Chill out in a hammock

While I admit my kids don’t like to sit still for too long there were moments when they loved to sling back under the palm trees to catch their breath before the next encounter.

Image-1 - Copy (15)

16.  Mini Golf

Travel around Australia while putting at the same time! All just before dinner.

Image-1 - Copy (3)

17.  Buffet Breakfast

This was included in our package and well worth it.  Once we had a sleep in and a late breakfast we found we didn’t really need lunch! Breakfast buffets are a real money savers for this reason.

Image-1 - Copy (2)

18.  Enjoy a sun set.

How’s the serenity?

Image-1 - Copy (17)

19.  Organised games

Monkey’s a pool lover but Booga loves his sport and getting in on the action.  The daily programs are jam-packed with organised activities. Cricket, beach volleyball even bingo!


20.  Relax in a deck chair with a Pina Colada.

I saved the best till last 🙂


Which is your favourite island in the Whitsundays?  How many have you been to?  Comment below we would love to hear from you!

Safe travels xx

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