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Noosa Horse Riding Experience

Noosa Horse Riding (2)
A little weekend getaway to the Sunshine Coast lead us to Noosa Horse Riding.  A family owned business just 10 minutes away from Noosa.  After a one hour beginners ride around Lake Weyba we are now totally hooked and in love with horse riding.  It’s no wonder Noosa Horse Riding have been nominated for business and tourism awards on the Sunshine Coast!


Apart from a couple of pony rides at birthday parties, Boogs and Monkey had never ridden a horse.  Admittedly I was nervous about them being on anything larger than a pony, and being totally in control with stopping, starting and steering, but the amazing tour guides were very caring, helpful and professional and gave the kids a lesson before we head out of the enclosure.


The horses were amazing!  So peaceful and gentle and very well-trained.  Monkey’s horse ‘Sam’ had once taken a blind tourist around the lake.  Immediately my nerves disappeared.  Once the kids were confident and could master the basics we were ready to head out to beautiful Lake Weyba.


All rides are subject to weather and tide conditions but we were blessed with most incredible blue skied day.  They cater for kids from 8 years and above and although I’m normally a nervous Nelly I had no concerns or worries about Monkey (10) and Booga (13) being on the horses.  We were given helmets and long pants and closed in shoes are recommended.


Once we hit the lake I realised how completely relaxed and in the moment I felt. Gone were thoughts about work, groceries and my ‘to do’ list.  It suddenly occurred to me how good horse riding is for the soul.  There was literally no one around, so it was overwhelmingly peaceful.  With deep inhales of the crisp morning air, I couldn’t help but notice how amazing the warm winter sun felt and acknowledging that the only sounds I could hear, was the whistling of leaves, gentle hooves…. and an occasional horsey sneeze.


I asked the kids during the ride…What have you enjoyed more?  Horse riding on the lake or riding dolphins in Jamaica?  Without hesitating they said “Horse riding!!!”


Noosa Horse Riding cater rides for beginner, intermediate and advance riders starting from $80.00 for a one hour ride.  They also offer lessons and private tours upon request. Advanced bookings are essential.  A horse riding experience on Lake Weyba is really a must to add to your bucket list!  We had an incredible time and will certainly be back!

For more information on Noosa Horse Riding

Contact Dave on 0438 710 530                                                                                                       Email:                                                                                                        Address:Wills Road, Weba Downs, Noosa, Queensland                                     

Where in the world have you been horse riding?  Comment below, would love to hear from you!

Safe travels x

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