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Sunshine Castle 

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With my obsession with Disney Princesses and my husbands love for anything medieval it was inevitable that we were going to love our visit to Sunshine Castle.  The medieval museum / tourist attraction and function venue was built in 1972 and is a stand out landmark on the Sunshine Coast. The Norman style Castle, with medieval additions comes complete with a moat, turrets, towers and a drawbridge and is totally unique in Australia.

We explored the castle with a self guided tour at our own pace.

The Castle Museum Self Walk tour highlights:
• Castle Courtyard with the Kings Table, Fireplace, Pillory, Stage and Moat
• Reception Hall with the original Xena Throne from the TV Series and a working Ballista
• Great Hall for the Kings Feasting Nights with his trophies and exhibits
• Castle Dungeon
• Battlement Look Out in the Circular Tower
• Visit the Castle Chapel (Old Ferry Master Hut)
• 24 m Lookout Tower with view from the Coast to the Hinterland
• “Outside the Castle” Display – depicting life outside Castle walls
• Interactive Armour Display – allowing you to touch and try on some authentic armour
• Relics of the Dancing Dolls, Toy and Doll Museum, Fairytale Diaramas & Model Train Railway.
• Castle’s of the world display in the Gallery, Siege of a Castle & James Cooks Travel’s Displays
• International bow and arrows display and a unique master carved Nativity Scene

The kids learnt so much about History and no longer think their consequences for not doing their homework is anything to whine about.  These stocks are devices used in medieval times as a form of punishment involving public humiliation. The stocks partially immobilized its victims.

The Sunshine Castle is filled with medieval and historical displays and other cultural exhibitions! The kids enjoyed the treasure hunt which lead them on several different quests around the Castle.  It was a great way to help us navigate the Castle and gave them a little educational perspective whilst having lots of fun. Their successful quest lead to a treat from the Kings Treasure Chest!

Our timing was perfect because we were there the day Lord Herald Stephen of Landsborough was!  Monkey was chosen from the audience to be knighted!  She can now be referred to as Lady Monkey!

The Castle is open from 9:30am – 4:30pm DAILY.  Admission will set you back $15 per adult, $12 per child.

The chain mail was incredibly heavy!  These guys only lasted long enough for a quick pic before complaining!  All geared up knights carry approx. an extra 45kg!!

We found the dungeon!

The Fairytale Walk is a highlight of the castle tour and allows young and old alike to delve into the imaginary world. The doll museum boasts a  large and impressive collection of dolls and nic nacs.

We stopped for lunch at the café and enjoyed the sunshine out in the courtyard.

We really enjoyed our visit to Sunshine Castle!  Have you been?  Comment below…Would love to hear about your experience.

Sunshine Castle
292 David Low Way Bli Bli
Queensland 4560
Phone: +61 7 54484477

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